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The Big 3 weight bearing exercises are all you need

When it comes to lifting weights, there’s no secret recipe or silver bullet. You don’t need to do a bunch of fancy exercises either. If you hit the Big 3 bench press, squats and deadlifts on a regular basis and toss in some dips, pullups, curls and crunches, you’re going to gain muscle and lose fat.

PT- or Physical Trainer

Get a trainer who knows the benefit of all the exercises and shows you how to do them correctly and has a good knowledge of nutrition.
PT qualifications vary widely
Some personal trainers have a degree in kinesiology or human kinetics, while others have simply taken a couple of courses. While a degree isn’t everything, do some research into a trainer’s education and experience, and be sure to pick a trainer that aligns with your goals.
A good PT will design a program just for you, but many rely on cookie-cutter routines that they tweak for every client. Make sure you pick a PT that does a comprehensive physical assessment, that discusses your goals and that understands your lifestyle to make sure you get the results you’re looking for.
Most trainers hate machines, especially ones that have their clients sitting down. Because most people spend all day sitting at their desks and your trainer wants you to get up and get moving. Machines also force you to work out in an unnatural range of motion and they fail to expose your weaknesses those areas you need to work on the most.Your trainer will prioritize bodyweight, free-weight or barbell exercises.
Not hitting the gym? Eating too much junk food. Your trainer is going to know because you won’t be getting results. If you’re not making progress, they’ll probably ask about your sleeping habits, diet and training schedule to make sure everything is on track

Sleep is more important than you think
Think you can pump iron at the gym by day then party all night and still get results? Think again. Consistent, good-quality sleep is essential as your body builds muscle while at rest. No matter how many training sessions you attend, if you’re not sleeping properly, your performance and gains will suffer.

You will need supplements
Supplements are a multi-billion-dollar industry, and some PTs may recommend you vitamins, pre- and post-workout powders or other supplements which are a good idea to maximise return on exercise remember to eat whole foods plenty of them and stay hydrated.

Results take time
Whether you’re looking to shed some pounds or pack on muscle, it takes time. While you might hire a trainer because you’re hoping for instant results, the truth is you need to consistently put in the hours.

Weight Loss
Fat loss is simply a by-product of working out, not a goal in and of itself. Your trainer wants you to gain lean muscle and, by doing so, you will ultimately lose fat.

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